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John, Joe and the staff are AMAZING!!!! My Jeep broke down between Marshall and Jackson. Luckily we did a google search and found Tuffy to have an excellent rating so the tow truck took us there and John found a hole in my radiator and fixed it. We didn't get there until 4:30pm and he could have told me he didn't have time to fix it that late in the day, but he didn't. He stayed over and fixed it. Joe was so helpful and is great behind the desk. I would recommend and already have to all my friends. If I lived closer, I'd use them for all my auto repairs.

— Lori M., Three Rivers, MI

As a female with an older car, I'm used to talking with mechanics and not really being respected. HOWEVER-- the Marshall Tuffy staff were all polite and respectful and were willing to answer my questions in a way that I understood without being condescending. They took a HUGE worry off of my hands and got my not-so-wonderful car back up and running in less than 24 hours. I have no complaints, just a lot of appreciation for the way they took care of me and my car! Thanks guys!

— Kate J., Battle Creej, MI

Excellent service! The guys fixed my loud exhaust in a matter of she purrs like a kitten :) Thanks guys!

— Kathleen T., Homer , MI

I've been taking my vehicles to Tuffy since we moved to Marshall three years ago. I've found them to be honest and they stand by their work.

— Dave A., Marshall, MI

Dealing with John and Joe is a welcome experience when something goes wrong with your vehicle. They did an excellent alternator and belt replacement on my Cavalier, Belts and air conditioner work on my camry. Very Highly recommended. Great Job, guys.

— Timothy T., Marshall, MI

On May 14, 2018, I pulled into Tuffy Tire and Auto Service at Marshall, MI. I was on my way to a conference in Detroit when my tire light came on and I was concerned about driving downtown with a tire issue. The Tuffy team helped me unload my car in order to check the spare and then helped me load back up again. They checked every tire and made sure each tire had the correct amount of air. They could find no damage to any tire so sent me on my way. I was certain that my tires were safe and that really gave me peace of mind. All of that service and there was NO CHARGE. Great service!

— Beth M., Buchanan, MI

We were driving 2.5 hours from home and noticed a thumping noise in drivers left front tire. The service tech drove it and looked at it- lugnuts were coming loose. They rushed it in after test drive and promptly fixed it! Thanks do much for your kindness and generosity! Could have been a bad situation! Nice to know there are good people and reputable places out there Highly recommend Tuffy Marshall, Mi

— Brian M., Alma, MI

I love the team at the Marshall Tuffy! Everyone is so nice and I work next door to them so theyre always willing to help me and will even come get my car for me and bring it back when theyre done! They do an EXCELLENT job and are super kind people! love them, wouldnt trust anyone else with my car!

— Chelsea Y., Marshall, MI

Tuffy in Marshall deserve 10 stars! They helped me out in a emergency situation and my problem was fixed and I was back on the road in 20 minutes! Kind, professional and knowledgeable! The BEST! THANK YOU!

— Sue R., Dewitt, MI

Came in to check a few rattles on my jeep and got an honest evaluation of necessary repairs. Left this place feeling good and that they were trying to make repeat customers and not just a sale. Fast forward a few weeks and unrelated issues cause my jeep to die on the highway. AAA asks who I want to tow to. Without hesitation I tell them Tuffy. These guys did a fantastic job chasing down the electrical issues that kept causing my jeep to stall out and provided me with a free loaner that saved me from having to get a rental. After long hours repairing my jeep I got a bill that didn't kill me but rather encouraged me to be a returning customer; they weren't ripping me off, instead giving me a killer deal on the repairs. It's nice to find mechanics who are honest, experienced, and fun to be around. While I don't hope to need any more repairs, I know where I'll be going if I do. Bottom line: Good people, good deals.

— Kim Churchill M., Albion, MI


— Brian S., Marshall, MI

My husband, granddaughter, and I were on our way to Kalamazoo for cattle show and the tire on the cattle trailer blew the tread and started getting hot. We pulled into Tuffy, they changed the tire immediately, and would not take any money. Their speediness and kindness were remarkable and I would recommend their business to anyone.

— Sharilyn K., Ovid, MI

We're very grateful to Joe Adkins and his staff who helped us get our family safely back on the road today. We pulled off in Marshall because of a broken tailpipe, and they helped us find a reasonable solution to get us back on the road in 30 minutes. Thank you so much!

— Brian J., Fort Wayne, IN

Joe and his team really helped our family out today! We were driving home from visiting family in MI when we developed a small leak in a tire on our drive home to Pittsburgh. We by chance got off at the Marshall exit and pulled into Tuffy. Joe was quick to help us repair the tire and get us back on the road. Our car was loaded with our 2 small boys (7 months and a 2 year old) and our dog. He repaired the tire without any of us getting out of the car! We were back on the road in 10 minutes and Joe and his team turned what could have been a nightmare situation into a quick and reliable fix! Thanks Joe!!!

— Matthew S., Pittsburgh, PA

i stopped in not even sure if i had a problem but just noticed something odd and wanted to get it checked out asap. well the guys at tuffy of marshall checked it out and gave me an honest evaluation instead of just trying to milk me for as much as they could get. i was in and out in no time. thanks a lot.

— jeff h., marshall, MI

Sales and service is the best. Friendly, honest and knowledgeable.

— Greg N., Marshall, MI

Joe and the team at Marshall Tuffy are THE BEST !!! They explain things so that us non automotive people can understand. They DO NOT take advantage of their customers, which is something unheard of these day's. I have been literally SAVED by Tuffy on two seperate occassions and they ALWAYS beat any other quote I have obtained. I will NEVER waste my time getting quotes elsewhere when I can simply call Tuffy and know they will take care of me and my vehicles. It is not often you find service people you can implicity trust and I would recommend Tuffy of Marshall to ANYONE. GUYS YOU ARE AWESOME AND DESERVE MY BUSINESS !!!!!!!! I APPRECIATE YOUR SERVICE GREATLY.

— Kerrie D., Marshall, MI

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